For one Welcome to my Blog. I’m sure you will find some of the things that I post rather quit interesting. I love to put out my thoughts whenever they come to mind so I thought a blog would be perfect. Anyways, about me. I have always been a quite person thats why writing is something I generally do alot. I love music(listening and playing). I had recently started playing the Acoustic Bass and found that to definietly be one of my passions. Sadly through some crazy parts of life I had stop playing but am ready to play again. I love horses. Have ever since I was a little girl. Love hiking, Mountain Biking, Photography, Riding quads. Lets just say that I love the great outdoors. I love to be creative and let my mind wonder. I am hoping that one day I can use that power and make a career out of it. I will do whatever makes me happy and sometimes by doing that you do what others consider “wrong”. But I believe that in the end if its what you want, then go for it!


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi!
    The picture of the running girl, is that you? I wonder who the photographer is.
    Please answer, I would love to send the photographer of that wonderful picture an e-mail and tell him or her. 🙂

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