Run by our Emotions

Thoughts of the day:

Sometimes I wish I could wear my heart on my sleeve. Maybe sometimes it would be easier if others could see it, could understand what makes it beat and what makes it doesn’t. Maybe they could understand how i feel. Instead of me always having to make an effort to tell someone when clearly we all know how i’m really feeling. Wouldn’t it be great if we never had to worry about trying to figure out how others feel about us. Maybe it would be bad if we all knew how we felt all the time but maybe it would be good.

Some of us struggle with communicating with others in general so why would they want to express how they feel. Why would they want to put themselves out there only to find out how vulnerable they are. Why do we even have feelings at all? I feel, see even the word feel just sounds weird, I feel as if we don’t need emotions or feelings. Sometimes all it does is cause trouble. People don’t know how to handle themselves or how to use them wisely and everyone just ends up getting butt hurt.

I know we all have our own opinions and we were made to have emotions because without them we just wouldn’t be human! But don’t you think that this world we live in now a days people already act like robots and just use emotions/feelings for negativity. So whats the point? Can’t we just get rid of them. Most people do better where they can just sit around a exists. Its pathetic but it makes life so much easier.

Left and right people are getting offended by this and offended by that. They feel it upsets these people and upsets them. Nobody knows what emotions are anymore. Nobody knows how to use them positively. What is going on?

SO wouldn’t it just be easier if we were to have emotions or feelings that we literally just wore them on our sleeves. People could walk by and see that this person is feeling this way and they could choose whether or not they want to interact with them. Maybe it would save marriages and relationships because we would constantly know how we are feeling. No arguing, nobody gets upset. If someone where to choose to interact with someone when they were in a crappy mood they would know what they are getting themselves into. They are choosing their own battles.

At this point in our world we are run by our emotions and our feelings so why not just make them obvious to everyone! Why not?


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