The Challenges within us

As we are growing up we are told the world is how it is. That we can’t really change what happens in life sometimes. World has it ways of working that we just don’t understand. Why do we fail?? Why are some more successful than others??

Growing up we get these things in our mind of how we are supposed to be. Most people these days don’t have the motivation or the want to find the person they are to become or what the world has to offer. Instead we sit back and let life just take its toll. We let this idea that the world tells us how we are supposed to be take over our minds.

Everyone wants to be like someone else. Why?? Because its easy to be like everyone else, to just follow and not lead. Its hard and it takes courage, spirit, motivation and work to become the person you should be. To be someone different, to be a leader.

Growing up in the world we live in now, I feel as if people don’t have the chance to find the person they are supposed to be. Technology and all these new life things are constantly forcing these ideas and life styles down peoples throats.

We never dare to challenge ourselves anymore. We reserve to being just normal and just being that typical human being.

Everything around us is made up of people around us that we call life. But is it really life?? Are we really living out what we are offered. There are no guarantees in life. But I can guarantee you that without if you don’t strive to become someone you want, you will become someone you never want to be.

What is your dream?? Your goal?? Find the reasons you do what you do, that make you strong. To make you walk by faith and not sight!

We all have these abilities and skills in us that we don’t know about. Are we gonna choose to find these abilities or are we just gonna sit back and watch life pass by us??

I sit here and type these words but I know in the back of my head that all these things that life has to offer and all these abilities, I have not taken advantage of. I sit back some days and just let life pass me by. I also to let this world get to my head. I struggle to find the person I want to be, I struggle with no being a follower and working on being a leader.

I struggle with the courage, the spirit, the strength and the motivation. Why?? Because nobody n this world anymore had those things. So being constantly surrounded by people that just want to follow and not lead; its makes things harder to be that person you want to be, to be a leader. Not having anyone to look up too.

Growing up we all need to learn that we can be the person we want to be. That we ned to take these extra steps to not a follower. This world needs a change. The people need a change.

I don’t want my life to be easy. I want to live in a world where people are happy with who they are. They enjoy their lives. I want to be the person to help others. I DONT want to be the person who just sits back and watch their life flash before their eyes.

My biggest question is, What can we do for ourselves to guarantee that we will never be that person?? To guarantee that we will have a purpose and a drive???

We need to challenge ourselves. I need to challenge myself!!! Don’t let the world or people in this world tell you it is how it is.


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