The Past


Haha, don’t think I don’t notice you or remember you.

Don’t think I will let you back in my mind.

You are the devil sometimes my dear friend.

The past is sometimes forbidden and the past is also sometimes needed.

Needed to learn from our mistakes and to use the past as a fuel for the future,

to better yourself!

The past can can also be forbidden,

Bringing back the thoughts we don’t want or need.

The thoughts that make you look back to the past instead of the future.

This is when the past should be forgotten,

If the thought of the past stops you from creating a better you, this is the past you don’t need.

We need to invest in ourselves and our mind.

We need to look be in the present and the now.

We need to find our dream and live it!

Our past is not all those things. 

Sometimes it seems like the past was the best time of our lives and maybe that was true; in the past.

So maybe we to move on from the past.

I once heard, “It’s not the future we are afraid of. It’s repeating the past we are anxious of!”

Sometimes I do fear this and I think a lot of us this as an excuse.

Fear! We def use this one as an excuse to move towards the future and forget the past.

So instead we do what we normally do and still wish to go back.

So the past, Will you use it for good or bad?

Will you let the past be that devil or will you let it be the motivator.

This is up to us! But just remember, it was the past!


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