I’m Sorry

Im sorry.

Im sorry for all the pain I had ever caused you.

Im sorry If I never told you how much I appreciated you.

Im sorry for not telling you the truth sometimes.

And Im sorry for letting myself think that It could have all be true. 

Im sorry if you ever thought that all I did was take advantage of you, because that isn’t true. 

Im sorry for being the person who wanted to believe but never could.

Im sorry for, no matter what happened, I always seemed to come back to you.

Im sorry that I was a sucker for knowledge.

Im sorry that sometimes I catch myself dreaming of you.

In years i have not talked to you but you still cross my mind, and Im sorry.

Im sorry that I never forgave myself or you.

Im sorry that I guess somedays I thought we could be friends again.

Im sorry if I ” ruined” your life or your perception of people.

You know that we all aren’t the same.


Im sorry that you have to continue dealing with the things Im sure you continue to deal with daily.

Not because its your choice to deal with it, But also the things you deal with that I know you don’t choose.

Im sorry that you are the person you are and It makes things harder for you. 

Im sorry that…..well honestly, I just don’t care anymore.

Im sorry that I tried my hardest for you and It was never good enough.

Im sorry that i gave up multiple times and still came back.

And Im sorry that I was just a sucker for you. Till this day I still dont understand why.

That I just can’t let go of the thought of you. Why can’t you just ever leave?

Am I sorry!?! Am I really! Was it you or me? Both? So one last time….

I am Sorry!




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