Song of Freedom



In a place well behind your ego there is a place where nobody cares.

A place where nobody cares what you think or do.

Its very peaceful here.

A place deep inside you that none can see.

Its inner peace surrounds you and you are free without a care.

Your soul, untouched….bare.

Untouched by the human mind and soul.

Not all boxed up or labeled.

When you find your freedom song, your inner peace,

There is no such feeling that someone can replace.

No matter happens, no matter what the storm,

You always have a place to shelter.

Free to hear what your soul is speaking.

Some say it really is a Song of Freedom.

This song that only you know and can experience. 

Your song, your inner peace, your strength and confidence.

Your soul will soar like the birds in the sky. Free with the wind.

Out of those boxes you will forever be.

Freedom song your body will always speak.

This is my inner peace.






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