How Lucky I am

(Free writing)


I sit here on this couch missing an important part of my life.

Someone I can trust,

Someone I love with all my heart.

Someone willing to do anything to keep me in his life.

Someone willing to try new things and go past his comfort zone for things that are unknown.

Someone willing to go to the ends of the earth and back.

Someone not afraid to be himself and be okay with it. Someone I can also be myself with and It be the craziest thing that you might have ever seen. What a pair it surely makes.

Someone willing to help, give advice or just sit and listen.

A certain someone willing to support me and his future family no matter what lengths are needed to go to.

Someone that wants to see my succeed and wants to help me along the way.

Someone who still holds the doors open, carries bags, holds my hand and calls me beautiful, no matter what I look like or what im dressed in. 

Someone that is willing and wanting our spiritual relationship to grow. 

How did I get so lucky with such a man. Wonderful/sweet/funny/unselfish/trustworthy/willing/strong/caring/crazy. He is my best friend and husband. 

I know that he may not be perfect and neither am I.

Our trails and tribulations will just make us stronger and our relatinship will grow.

Not everything is going to be easy but nobody ever said it wasn’t going to be worth it. 

But all the things he is willing to do, and I do the same;

our love will soar to great lengths.

Forever and till the end we will be.

I love you bear :-*Your angel I will always be!




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