How are you???

How are you? How am I feeling? How are you today? How are you? Am I feeing or am I just really thinking drastically. Is it possible to have such a “feeling” that makes you feel like you don’t know how to feel?? if that makes sense?

How do you do? How is your day? Why do we always ask how we feel? Does it really matter how we feel or is this just a question people naturally ask. Do they naturally ask because they truely care? or do they ask because its a habit to ask? and whn and answer is given, it goes right through the air?

So how are you???? Have you really ever had to think about the question? Not really ever sure what to say? Or do you just give people what they want to hear. The god ole, ” Im good!” when usually, thats that how we truely feel. Is it just women who hid how they feel? Do we want to make it seem to the world we tuely are happy when inside, we may be ” feeling” like our world is falling apart.

Shoudl we be scared to say how we feel? Should we be scared to express emotion? Why? or why not? We were always taught to express our feelings and I do believe that is true. If we never tell how we feel, We are like a bomb ready to explode. I

If we do tell someone how we feel or how we are,do they really even care? 

We are always asked the ame question, How do you feel about this? How do you feel about that? Explaining never hurts. Maybe we are feeling sad and maybe we are feeling blue. Tell somebody why won’t you! Tell somebody. 

How am I anyways? Well, I am not sure.  I “feel” ( well I don’t know how I even feel about the word feel. I think i like the word thinking better) like my world has been turned upside down. I am very happy but when there is a part of you missing, nothing is right. I live life day by day and I seem to do the same thing everyday. Sometimes It seems like I am in the movie  Goundhog Day. These emotions seem to stay the same. Its a mutual blend of just ” Meh!” So how I am? How are you? I am not sure yet. But I do know,  How are you is a question to be most avoided. 

We all want to feel like we are loved and feel like people care and when we get asked this simple question; It really isn;t so simple anymore. This questions pushes beyond our boundary of thoughts and creates us to really question, How we are!! 

I laugh because I know that everyday we will be asked this question and everyday I laugh because I know exactly what we will say ” I am good.” We are all just good. So the question is; Are you really good? Are you really happy? How are you? and How are you feeling?  A question to be pondered upon forever!Image


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