Questions upon questions…

Sometimes I wonder how we could were we are now as a human population.

How did we let our country fall apart like this?

I listen to stores of the older generation and wonder ” wow, life seemed so simple back then!”

Yes all generations have gone through their times of war and change but I feel that this generation or these times have been the worst of all.

Everyday, left and right, people are losing homes, not being able to provide food for their families. Losing jobs. Having to scale back drastically in order to just survive with the basics. 

Or got the other side were people get themselves so much into debt, they are practically owed by the government, As if we basically aren’t already!!

We hear tales of people that loved by just living off the farms. Dried their clothes the old fashioned way. Always sat down every night with their families to have a meal. People talked face to face and loved working. 

People were happier. They explored the land and thrived well. Yes, there where not alot of medicines but It would make sense why.

Think about all the things we have now that will ” cure” us. All the medications we take to get rid of this or get rid of that. The more shit we put in our bodies the less able they are to fight off all the diseases and sickness naturally. They didn’t have all these medicines back in the day and people were healthier than, than we are now! Funny!

We always want, want, want and are never really happy. We look for happiness in all the wrong places.

Tv, games, phones, ipods, ipads….it goes on. We sit inside and bake in technology. No wonder we are unhealthy and fat!  Nobody knows what get up and go outside means anymore. 

We eat what we call food even though it is basically all junk now. We don’t know what portion size is. What happened to us!?!

People rely more and more everyday on the government for food and house support because nobody wants to work or doesn’t have a job. As i said earlier, the government owns us.

There is no point sometimes in sending kids/adults to college because most come out not being able to get a job. 

Our leadership has def gone down the drain. Nobody knows what is best for america or our constitution. It is all about me, me, me. 

I really don’t know or why you want to bring kids into this world right now. I would feel so bad having to basically hand over a debt to the next generation and be like, ” here, have fun!” 

I hope and pray everyday that somehow our leaders in this country take a turn for the good. America needs to get back to how it was before. We need our founding fathers back!



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