I miss him

I miss him already.

I miss his smile

I miss his voice

I miss how he knows exaclty how to comfort me and make me smile.

I miss his jokes and his sense of humor.

I know it wont be long till I see him again but these first few hours feel like eternity.

I miss his embrace and his touch.

I dont want to miss but I know I will falling asleep and waking up without him.

I never knew this would be so hard and I can only ask god to grant me the strength that we both need to get through this.

I know we can still text and occassionally talk but its never the same. 

I know that this will be good for us and can strengthen our marriage but it will be so hard. so very hard.

I miss my best friend, my partner in crime, my lover and my husband.  

I miss him!! 

I dont know what ill do without you here with me for the next few months but I hope you come home soon. 

I keep waiting for you to walk through the door only to remember you wont 😦

I love you my bear and please come home soon. I need you so.



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