A rant about Love

What is love?
Why does It exsist?
Why is it that we don’t know what the true meaning is?
Why do we think that loving somebody will change everything and sometimes it doesn’t?
Why do some think that loving another will make them happier/full fill them?
Love is not a game. It is not a joke.
Those three words are not to be taking lightly.
Should not be tossed around like they don’t mean a thing.
True love is loving somebody for who they are and what they do.
True love is not something would do hoping it will make us happier.
You have to know what things you love to do yourself.

In order to truly love you have to love yourself.
You have to trust one another.
You have to have a relationship bigger with someone else besides your significant other.

You need to find joy in other things and make it a task to continue working on those things.

When you love somebody you have to know its real.
Know yourself first and trust what you do.

I’m not exactly sure what true love is to anybody else but I know what true love for me is.

Love is not easy and love can sometimes not be fair.

Love is a treasure and love is commitment.

Love is having trust and faith in something bigger.

Love is knowing yourself and having confidence.

Love is beautiful and brings the whole world to life.

Love is happiness and nothing less.

Love is you, love is us!

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