Change Doesn’t Happen Overnight

This has changed us both,
Whether that’s for the good or bad,
I just still don’t know.
Though much time hasn’t passed,
And only five moons have come and gone,
The lessons learned could be stacked to its tip.

One day when we look back on this,
I hope that we can laugh and smile,
And rejoice in the times spent together.
But for now, all we can feel is a bitterness,
Like the taste of black coffee on the tongue,
And though it wanes, it still remains.

I catch myself stuck in thought,
And I know that this much is true,
I will love you until the end of my days.
I will always love you as a person,
But this has taught me the difference,
Between being in and falling out.

When the time comes to sign my life away,
And I’m halfway across the country,
Will you finally miss me?
Even if you do,
It’ll be too late.
So keep your head up high,
And carry on in a proper way.


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