My Stream

Why does my heart hurt?

Why does the pain never stop?

Sometimes I feel like it’s a stream, constantly flowing.

It never dries up or goes away.

Constantly raining and being restored with fresh water.

Why is it happening?

Am I creating the storm that causes the rain?

Am I doing something wrong? Please let me know?

Why does it feel like life just isn’t the same anymore.

I am surrounded by people I don’t want to be.

It hurts me physically and emotionally.

There is only so much you can take at once.

I need some strength, some courage.

It feels as if my heart is in pieces.

Scattered all over the floor.

Not which pieces which to pick up and try to put back together.

Which ones are worth it.

What is worth all the pricks and pokes?

Is it worth the bleeding and crying?

Why does the river keep flowing?

Starting all over again

This time its not the tears. It’s the blood.

I have tried to long to fix those pieces

And the blood keeps thickening.

I have cut and poked myself to many times trying to figure out what is right or wrong?

What is worth it all?

Will the pain ever stop?

Will the confusuion ever stop?

Will there ever be a sign?

I still have my days where life is grand and Im so glad where I am.

I feel that I am growing and developing the confidence I need to be on my own.

I’m making better decisions than most and have goals

But there always has to be those moments,

Where the river never stops flowing; whether blood or tears, it keeps going.

And the hurt is hurting.

Sometimes I fear this stream will never end!

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