Anything Right

Why is it that many days I feel like I just can’t do anything right.

I turn around and somebody is there telling me I’m doing it wrong or that I need to change something.

Why is it that even though I know I can’t please anybody, I can’t even please one person.

Am I not good enough for anybody? Can I not change fast enough.?What could anybody possibly want from me?

I’m not here to please everybody. I am only here to do what is right for me. I will mess up and I will make mistakes. Plenty of them, but I always feel as if people never give the chance. Its either I do it right now or I’m gone. Out of the picture and useless.

It is so hard to step out our comfort zone and it is hard to chance ld habits that you have lived around all your life.

I don’t want to be like everybody else. I watch and notice how this world operates and it drives me nutz. But then I catch myself acting like all those people. I guess that’s why everybody always gets  upset. I do not know.

Maybe its just that I am constantly seeking approval from somebody. why should I? I don’t need anybodys approval. This is my life.

I try and say things and they always come out the way I don’t want them too.

Many days I feel like I have to explain myself. But why?

Like I said, I will do things that I want to, whether on purpose or not and people may not like it. I’m sorry if you don’t like it or I’m sorry If I did something wrong.

I feel as if i’m constantly getting judged. Don’t judge a life that is not yours. You should be judging your own life, not mine. I will take care of mine.

As I have said before, I will mess up and make mistakes. Its all part of growing.

Sometimes I can’t ever say how I feel inside about certain things or people, because I know it will just slap me back in the face. But why? Many days, all I would like is somebody who could just sit there and listen. Because you never listen. I talk and you tell me what I’m doing wrong or how you feel about it.Its hard to tell somebody your heart when they just judge.

Many days I feel i’m here stuck on my own. No one to turn too or trust. Sometimes I just wished i lived in my own little bubble, than maybe, just maybe I wouldn’t have to deal with all of this. But I know I have too. I just have too.

I have to learn who I can trust. What I can do.  What I can become. I have to learn to trust myself in all the things i do and know it’s right. I have to learn to form my own opinions and thoughts on things, so that nobody tramples over me with their own. I have to become my own person. Whether people will like it or not.

I will no longer allow all of this. I may be in the wrong sometimes and I will make mistakes. I will!









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