Could it Be!?


My love for you is still there but to be honest It slowly seems as if it dissapearing.

I don’t like it! Why could it be? For the past 5-6 years you have been in my life and the most important person.

It couldn’t be the fact that I have a new and big change coming up in my life and my emotions are leaving you behind!?!

I never see or hear from you as much and that has caused my heart a lot of ache and pain. I missed you every day, every minute, every second.

Before I used to see you every day or my life. I would wake up and you were there. I would go to bed and I know you were still there.

Now I wake up and go to bed every morning wondering where you are, what you are doing, are you thinking of me?

I think i’m getting tired.

Tired of all the waiting, wondering, hoping, praying, wishing.

I’m tired of not being around you. I need and still need you so much.

You give me the strength to make it through my days.

You are the reason I push myself further.

You are more to me than anybody has ever meant.

You have giving me everthing I have possibly wanted or needed.

But I think my emotions are wearing down and I don’t know what to do.

I don’t ever want to loose you but I don’t know how to take these feelings.

Could it be that I just feel like this today or will this continue on!?

Is this a part of gods plan?

It also seems that I don’t ever have much to say to you as I did before.

Could it be that now I feel like we are just going back to friends?

Or could this all just be in my head?

I am not sure; but something does not feel right with my love for you.

Please just hope that this is all not true though.

Even though I say I am tired of all the waiting, wishing, hoping and praying; It has all been worth it!

And at times like these where I feel like I am losing you or my love could possibly disappear; I know its not true!

I love you. Always will and always have. No matter where I go or what I do, you will always be with me.


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