Media and Technology

I’m gonna be honest. What is the whole point of the media anymore? I mean Its all just becoming a bunch of crap, sadly!  People would rather talk about somebody calling somebody else a slut than rather talking about something more important. Like maybe how our economy is going down the Sh****r!!!

All the news pretty much is anymore is violence. You will rarely find something that is actually informative. Thats when the talk radio comes in. It is better than the news but can still be pointless.

Then we come to television. Which I think is absolutly stupid now! I mean I go to turn on the tv and its the same old things over and over again. Sex, violence, reality tv, etc…Just a bunch of stuff to keep us distracted and fill our minds with, well…..nothing. Ever catch yourself just sitting in front of the tv, computer, phone, ipad, whatever….just starring at it and you don’t even know what is going through your mind. Its like your transfixed on it. I often call it vegging. You sit there and your mind pretty much turns into mush!! And we don’t even realize we are doing it.

Americans watch at least five hours or more of TV daily and the percentage has gone up at least 3.6% from last year. Why do we do that??? We could be out doing something to better ourselves and our world. How does watching tv improve our economy!?! Ummm…it really doesn’t. Maybe it brings in money to ad aompaigns or tv companies but woohoo.

     It is also said that the percentage of mobile phone viewing has gone up. So we are also,;on top of vegging in front of the tv and computers; vegging out on our phones. Facebook, YouTube, mySpace, Twitter, etc…And most of it all still useless information. And the percentage of teen usage has gone up like crazy! Gezzz… I walk around and I see 7 year olds out there with cell phones and IPhones. Is that really necessary?? What is that teaching our children? How is that helping their future? We should be giving them books to read instead but we aren’t.

      We all want the future generation to have a better life, but all the things we are giving them and feeding their minds with, is doing the complete opposite and we don’t even see it. The media and technology is slowly beginning to work against us.

The influence the media is having on us is huge! I think we all need to take a step back and think about what we are listening to and watching an decide if it is all really necessary. Do we need all these things??

What happened to sitting and reading a book and expanding our minds?

What happened to real quality family time?

Playing outdoors? Learning something new? Playing an instrument?

What happened to humans? lol.  We are turning our brains into mush suitable for hungry aliens!

Get up. Stand up! Get out there and create a better future for yourself and the people around you!

Turn off the boob tube.


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