Setting it Aside and Our Emotional Freedom

Sometimes we all have to do things we don’t want too. Maybe its telling somebody how we feel, taking a chance on somebody and putting our hearts on the line. Maybe its moving or having to get a different job. Maybe its having to change our habits, start a new project that we aren’t looking forward too, cleaning the house, anything!! I’m sure we all have had those experiences, and in the back of our mind you know that whatever it is you have to do it; You might not like it or want to do it, but maybe whatever it is, it might surprise you and end up being worth it! Sadly, sometimes most of us would not know. We don’t want to have to take that chance or put our emotions/thoughts/egos/whatever aside and give it a try.

We always have this picture set in our mind of how things, or even people are, based on past experiences. We fear that if we do these things that we don’t want to do; It might end up hurting us. Cause us to see that picture we have set in our mind to go even further. We are humans and we all run on fear. Most of us do not know it because thats how we are created. Its the fear that steers our thoughts and mind. Its just how our brain works.And thats why many people think we have developed from animals because they are flight creatures. Its possible, you never know.

Anyways, back to do things we don’t want too. Like I said, we all have these pictures set in our mind of how things were and we never give things the chance to possibly be different. I think when we do that we are all making a mistake. We have to learn to set all those thoughts and emotions aside and do the things we don’t to do.

How can you ever know what the result could be if you don’t give it a chance?

How do you know that things could possibly be different if your not willing to try?

How do you know what somebody could say or do if your not willing to listen?

You know even if its not about doing something we don’t want to do, we should all still learn when we should put our emotions aside. Learning to set aside and control our emotions can improve everything in life but sometimes we are all; hate to admit it, lazy to do it. It is a very hard thing to do but sometimes it has got to be done.

So next time you find yourself pre-judging a situtation, complaining about some form of change, whatever; stop and take time to put those emotions/thoughts aside and give whatever it is a try. Get rid of that picture in your head, don’t let that fear take control. It could possibly be stopping you from something great and totally surprising.

*  A little side note, If you are somebody who struggles with very strong emotions (As I sometimes do), or just want to learn more about the human mind and body;  I suggest checking out some things by a gentleman named Eckhart Tolle.

I must admit, he is a very remarkable Spiritual teacher. I have read some of his books and listened to some of his cds and they have helped me out greatly.


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