Deepest Fears

It is always our deepest fears that get in our way of succeeding or doing something. A lot of us want to try something new, to go have goals. It could be playing an instrument, going on a run for the first time or even opening a new restaraunt; whatever!

We get so excited because we have finally set ourself some goals. We got them all written down and set in a place where we will see them everyday. Then that first day comes to do whatever we are doing and we end up not even doing it. Why???

    Why do many people set out to do certain things and then in the long run end up giving up???

     We can all come up with excuses like I don’t have enough money; I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH TIME(How often do we here that!?!) or you often hear people say, I’m just not motivated enough. If you weren’t motivated enough in the first place, you wouldn’t have set the goals. Right!?!

        There is this quote “Excuses are the nails used to build a house of failure,” and I couldn’t agree more.

“You can make all the excuses you want, but don’t forget that when you make excuses, you’re not in control of the situation.”

         So we could all come up with excuses to not do something and people often use excuses as a crutch to not do something; But if we all really take the time to look deep down into yourself and see what is preventing your from doing these things, its ALWAYS fear. Fear that we will mess up. Fear the we will not get it right the first time(perfection). Fear that we will lose something. Fear that something will not work out the way its supposed to.

                    We all fear but we have to try so hard to not let fear get in the way of doing what we want to do.

We all know that we will never get something right the first time; we will fail, we will struggle. That’s how success is created; through fails and trails, but we insist on letting fear control us and our thoughts.

I know that this is so very true for me. In the past and occassionally to this day;  I let this fear get this best of me. I will physch myself out for no reason. I catch myself thinking the worst/coming up with excuses.  Why???? My fear never helps me, all it does is set me back.

We all know we are capable of doing things. You are smarter than you think you are, but your just letting the fear get to ya. And, yes, the excuses too!

But why?? No one ever feared/excused themselves to success!




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