Super Bass :D

Oh boy, I sure do love the feeling when you accomplish something!!

For time and time I have been putting off practicing my bass because….well after a while It gets boring just playing the acoustic bass by yourself. It’s one of those instruments where you gotta have somebody to play with.

In some ways, I wish my family was more interested in music so we could all play together; that is good family time, but I know that they never will. My mother has a piano but she never plays it. If she would get her butt on there and play it more often maybe we could play some songs together. But she usually has trouble with motivating herself to do it. I try and encourage her but that is all I can do.

Anyways, I was working out of one of the books I have and some of the exercises involve playing at really fast speeds. It takes a lot of concentration, for me at least, to alternate my fingers that fast.You literally have to warm your fingers up first. Its just like exercising I swear. The better stretched and warmed up you are, the more improved your exercises will be. So of course before I did these few exercises, I did about 10-15 mins out of my Bass Fitness-Exercise Hand Book (By the way, this is a great book and you an use it for all types of stringed instruments, even though it says bass!)

It took me about an hour to get through a couple of these exercises, and each one I did till I got through it all without messing up once.  Yeah, that might sound easy but it can be pretty The bass has a very long fretboard and it takes a lot to stretch your finger across. But man, when I got through that last exercise I was so flippin happy. 😀 May sound stupid, but we accomplish things one tiny step at a time.

I usually also like to end things on a positive note. Multiple times I have played and ended on a negative note. Meaning, I got frustrated and put the bass away. When I end on a negative note I usually don’t want to go back and play again. My mind sees it as, “Well, you ended it crappy last time why would you want to go back and play again.Your just gonna get the same result!” And of course If I go into it with an attitude like that, that is the result im gonna get. But If I go into it with a positive attitude, It will be much more enjoyable!

So its best to end things on a positive side!

But man, oh man. I am just about the happiest girl right now 😀 I can’t wait to get back on the bass and practice


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