Silly Life :P

   I am slowly beginning and starting to believe this is all so true. For the longest time and still to this day; I always treated the people who really loved me the most not as well as I should have. They were all so giving and caring and I never showed how much I appreciated it. And the people that didn’t….well there will always be people like that and sometimes it is hard to avoid them!

I always used to believe that god was against me in everything that happened in my life. And it was always because it never worked out the way I wanted it or would like it too. I found myself always getting down about everything and wanting to give up. Even though I knew those thoughts never helped anything, it was so hard to not feel that way when you felt like life just wasn’t worth it.

I never took advantage of some of the opportunities I was givin. And If I did, I sometimes did not put as much effort into it as I should have.

The opportunitites I have now have been fantastic but I sometimes still find myself wishing it was different; I wish I were somewhere else. But I know that I have to work towards it and the the steps that I have to take to get there will DEF be worth it!!

But the biggest thing I have learned is, Life is way to short!! People walk around wasting their time and emotions on things that we shouldn’t worry about.

Love your life and have fun. Everything works out the way its supposed too!!! 😀


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