Is it Real!?!

She feels like she is on a ride,

Everything just keeps spinning and spinning and its making her sick.

She wishes the headaches would just go away.

She swips away the tears from her eyes from the force of the wind.

One minute her life is fun and the next it is terrifying.

She doesn’t know whats up ahead and where the next turn may go.

And never knows when it will end.

Sometimes she can’t catch her breath because she is to busy screaming,

And sometimes she smiles for so long she can’t ever tell if its real.

She holds on tight with every up and down, afraid she will fall away and never be seen again.

If she really only knew how it would end??

She wants to be able to experience the thrill and the view from the edge because thats how life is meant to be!

She wants to feel she has more ups than downs.

But all she really wants to know is, is this ride real or is it all in her head???












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