The Show Goes on

So no matter what you been through
no matter what you into
no matter what you see when you look outside your window
brown grass or green grass
picket fence or barbed wire
Never ever put them down
you just lift your arms higher
raise em till’ your arms tired
Let em’ know you’re there
That you struggling and survivin’ that you gonna persevere ❤.


We all have our days where we feel like we can’t ever go on. We have either been constantly waiting for something to happen or we have our daily struggles in life. I mean, this is life!! Nobody said i was ever gonna be easy, right!?!

There are times when we just want to give up and move on. To leave it all behind and forget whatever it was that happened.

There are times when we hurt or ache so much, and If we kept up we would eventually break. We constantly feel like all we want to do is cry.

Moments when it seems like something or someone is out there to get after you for something you did to them. Even though It could be possible that you never really did anything to them in the first place! But you just get that feeling that life is constantly at your bad side and nothing ever goes right!

It seems that your life is going in the complete opposite direction of how you would want or like it to go.

And Im sure we all have those days where we just feel down right shitty and depressed and we feel like life just isn’t worth the struggle or fight!!

Well… it says, no matter what you into, no matter what you have been through, just lift your arms higher, let em know you’re there and that you struggling and survivng and that you are gonna persevere!

Whatever it is that you have been dealing with/ holding onto/ persevering, must have been worth the fight in the first place or we wouldn’t be going through all of it.

As my title says; sometimes the show goes on!! We might not like the cast or the crowd. We might not like the role or characters. We might not like the plot!

But just lift your arms higher and let them know that you’re struggling and surviving and that you ARE gonna persevere.



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