Life is What We Make of It!

Life is a journey we take
its a hill we climb
a river we swim
a ground we play
and a road we tread;

Life is a shelter of storms
shaken by thunder when it rains
shattered into pieces by strong winds
and oftentimes, drown in raging waves;

But life is also a rainbow after the rain
when sun shines after a day of doom
spreading rays of beaming hope
painting a smile on a face of gloom;

It’s what life really is…
a spice of smile and tears
a blend of fate, triumph and loss
but always, a magic of love and hope…
Life if what we make it!


Love this poem.

If I have days where I am feeling like Life just isn’t going the way I would like it to or wishing it was different, I take a look at this and take a few moments to redirect my thoughts.And usually take a few deep 😛  It helps me to realize that I am the one who controls and reacts to things in life. Like the old quote says; Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond to it!


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