It’s not theirs, It’s yours!!!

Why do we make such stupid mistakes?

Why do we try to please others when our own happiness is the most important? I know that may seem selfish but we cannot always do what others want!

Always putting ourselves through hell  in a hope that somebody will change!

In hope that somebody will come to realize that it is there life and they will do what pleases them!

We try and try again,Always ending up with the same result.

Back to square one, we begin again!! Doing things that we never wanted to do. Doing things that definietly do not make us happy. Being somewhere that we never wanted to be.

Bearing everybody elses weight because they don’t know how to deal with it themselves. And why do we do these?? We try to make others happy and we just can’t do this.

We need to do what makes us happy. It is our life and we have a choice. We have the first say! But some of us are just to kind or to weak to do whats needs to be done.

Stop, just stop!!! We can’t do this anymore. Quit living your life for selfish people.

Grab ahold of your reins, It may be a rough ride out but once you are free from them, you will be much happier!

Stop making decisions based on what we think other people would be pleased with, and start making decisions on what we think is right. Right for us; not everybody else!!

Do what makes us happy. Do what brings us great joy. Do what makes us wake up a realize that reality is finally better than our dreams.

Don’t do what makes you unhappy. We don’t have to life our lives the way other people expect us too. Don’t give them control.

Don’t make these stupid mistakes. It will cause you great pain!!

Don’t let somebody take your life. Use your voice!







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