My love

She sits here thinking of you, wondering what you could possibly be doing?

Are you thinking of me too?

Remembering all the times we had together.

All the ups and downs, and baby I still love you.

Do you love me too?

Do you sit there wishing we could be in each other arms like I do!

I wish I was in your lap; my head on your chest.

I always loved hearing your heartbeat. It was like music to my ears.

I miss you kissing my forehead and running your fingers though my hair.

I miss looking up and seeing you smile back at me. It lets me know you love having me near!

I miss your gentle touches.

I miss your silly jokes.

I miss everything about you!

I love that you never gave up on me and Im sorry honey for giving up on you!

I didn’t know what to do?

But I realize now that I was meant to be with you.

I don’t care what anybody says or what I could possibly loose.

Can you just take me into your arms and never let me go??

I want to see you every day, every hour, every second.

I want to know that you will always be there and I want to always be there for you!

I can’t go on without you!!

So please, my love, can I please come home!

I miss you!!!!






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