Days? Nights?

Lets just say that my nights have now become days and my days have now become nights.

Ever since I got this new job, I have had an increasingly difficult time setting a sleeping pattern. Night shifts are very hard!! I love my job but Im feeling like a zombie lately. Ughh 😛

On nights like tonight when I don’t work; I have to try to keep myself up at night so I can sleep in the mornings. Considering though that everybody else normally sleeps at night, there is not that much to ever do. I will occasionally go to the gym, bake something but even then, it stinks. Its hard to bake when there is other people asleep!!

This new shift has affected my eating habits. Since I wake up around 1p.m., I usually don’t eat breakfast and when I do; its not the best because I can’t eat to much before I sleep. My lunch is considered everybody elses dinner and I need to start cooking healthier. I need to make a trip to a Trader Joes or Jungle Jims 🙂 While I’m at work, I will eat around midnight. Lets just say though, my meals have not been as healthy ever since I began this shift. I seem to be going out a lot too. Soo NOT good for me!

I need to start making my meals ahead of time again.

Now besides the food and sleeping deal, there is plenty of other things that is kind of a bummer bout the schedule but I just need to learn how to work with it. I don’t think my body will ever get quite used to the sleeping thing but that’s okay. I only have about 5 more months till I’m done and shipping off to boot camp 😀

Ohhh..which reminds me, I don’t think I ever mentioned that here. My biggest life change and I leave ya’ll out. How rude of me!

About a month or two ago I swore in to the United States Navy. I will be training to be a Hospital Corpsman ( Nurse) and will be enlisted for 4-5 years. Two years of it is the regular service period and the other two/three is schooling. On May 5th I will be leaving for boot camp at the Great Lakes Naval training center which is located between Chicago and Milwaulkee-I will be there for two months. After that I might get a leave period then be sent to the Medical Education and training center at Joint Base San Antonio, Texas. 🙂 It is rather exciting!! If I decide I want to stay longer, I can re-enlist. Which I might end up doing. I would love to further my career and get my Bachelors Degree in Nursing. I would like to become Pediatrics Nurse. If I stay in the Navy, I can serve and have almost all of my schooling paid.

It will be a tough change but when I am done; I will have grown tremendously and bettered myself. I will have become that independent women while serving my country. I love it! It will be the greatest accomplishment of my life.

So life may seem tough now and It does suck that my time clock is all screwed up but its all steps. I gotta learn to go with the flow baby! And cook


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