What are dreams and why do they exsist?

I often catch myself waking up from certain dreams and wondering why only certain people are the ones that stand out the most in the dream. It seems too, that the person seems to be in a pattern in my dreams.There seems to be always one role that they play in or have a major part in;It is usually very highly emotional.

It is said though that most of your dreams are created in your limbic region of your brain, which is the emotional part of it; so it would make sense that my dreams can be very highly emotional.

Anyways, dreams are something I have never been able to really quit understand. I know in some ways, dreaming is a process where my brain trys to sort through certain things/ideas/thoughts/emotions but it is always so deep.

I have also read that dreams can reveal certain aspects of us that we were not aware where there.

The past two or three years of my life I have noticed that my dreams where very intense and powerful. I think this was because these past few years have been me trying to figure out where I am going in my life. It was full of ups and downs, emotional days, difficulties, anything you can name, I had it.  Every night I woke up recalling the strangest things. Every day, my dreams seem to have a different message in them. Some of them I completely and totally understood why they happened but others where just a bundle of mass confusion. Most of those dreams those past three years, had consisted of love.

I can recall dreams where I remember being pregnant in a hospital with nobody there besides the doctors and I felt horrible and so alone. Then I have had dreams where I was dating random people. I have had dreams of being fired or in a car accident and dying and nobody caring. Then the next day, I could have a dream where my life is picture perfect and everything I was hoping and dreaming of came true.

Dreams, I believe, are really there to help us process what is truely going on in our brains/thoughts weather we know it or not; but I believe that dreams can help us find certain answers to life and that If we can try and take a look into them, we might find something very interesting.

I encourage though If you are somebody like me where you have very highly emotional dreams, that you try and write those dreams down as soon as you get up. Try to recall as much as possible and you will be surprised what you find. I can look back at dreams that I had months ago and realize ” Wow, now I know why I had that dream!” It is also fun to just look back and read what bizarre or normal dream you had. Its kind of like looking at old pictures. Makes you laugh, smile, cry, etc…

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