Hmmm??? Nope Nothing

Lately It seems I have been having trouble writing anything. Usually when I open up a new post or open up my journal, the words can usually flow right out. When I have days like this, It is especially hard for me to write in poetry form. Usually Its just free writing; like I am now. When I do this, I am getting myself to try to get my brain processing and churning; getting it to create some thoughts.

I have always struggled being able to talk face to face with somebody about how I am feeling, so writing was a way of me being able to put it out there.

When I can just sit here and write how I’m feeling about certain things, Its like a big relief and weight off me. My heart never feels so heavy. I swear that writing can be like meditation for me some days. Might sound kind of silly to some of you but Its a big helper for me.

At the end of the day, I try to have something written down anywhere. I know that its impossible for me to not having feelings or thoughts. They might not be sad; they could be happy but on days like today when I have difficulty writing, I just hate it!!!



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