I really wonder

Sometime I really just don’t understand why people have to be the way they are? Obviously everybody is different. We are not all made the same.

But have you ever met somebody where you wish you could slap them upside the head? Haha…well I have!

What causes people to act certain ways around some people and then completely different around somebody else. Its like they are trying to prove something to every person they meet. What do you have to prove thats so important to not act like you or who you really are? If you don’t stay true to who you really are; you could end up getting yourself in to major troubles or problems.

Or why do people say things and then turn around and do something completely different? I find it sad that they can’t even keep their own words. Now, I have found myself gulity of that a couple times but it seems lately that no matter where you go or what you do, you can’t find people who can actually keep to their words or their promise! Don’t make a promise or say something if your not gonna do it!!

Why is to that people are just flat out cold hearted? One minute they say they are your friend(s)and then turn around the next day and want nothing to do with you. The obviously were not your friends in the first place! I think this is when some people are just in it for themselves. They are not actually looking for a friendship, they are hoping they can just get something out of you. I have seen and meet plenty of people like that. Or if you are in a relationship where you are the one being blamed for being the person only in it for themselves.  I think those are the people who realize that they are being the selfish one but really can’t admit it. So they put the heat and the blame on the other person.

Sadly, that does happen a lot in this world. You will find most people put the blame on others in their lives because they do not want to take full ownership of their mistakes or their wrong doings. Its crazy!

Also, why is it that the people we love the most are always the ones that really end up hurting us, or we ourselves end up hurting them; whether it was on purpose or not? When you love someone they are already a big part of your life and when they go and do something stupid or be mean, it hurts.  I think sometimes that people can also just use it to their advantage. Since they know you the most, they know how to hurt you and what you’re sensitive too. And sometimes they use it against you without even knowing it! They know you will love them no matter what  and you know they love you. Love just pretty much makes you vulnerable and it sucks!!

I really just wonder, what are people thinking? What goes through their minds on a daily basis that makes them do the craziest s***!

This whole world is just a big question to me! And I don’t know when I will ever find an answer.



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