You know after watching the movie Finding Nemo like 20 times, I have realized why It is such a good movie. A lot of people might say, are you crazy, Its just a kids movie. Yes that’s true but If you actually take the time to realize how every one of the characters in the movie is;you might find yourself to be like one of them.  The very first, or few times, I watch a movie I am really just watching it for pleasure but after that I watch them to see if their is usally a deeper and bigger meaning in them, that we do not see.

If you notice in the movie Finding Nemo, that Nemo’s dad is very scared and is afraid to do things. He doesn’t like to come out of his ” Anenomie” without checking a few times. He doesn’t like too go places he has never been. He was always worried that Nemo was gonna get hurt and never wanted to let him go. He didn’t want him to go out to the drop off fearing that Nemo would get hurt.  Not a risk taker and is always worried.

Now, If you pay attention to Dori- My favorite character- she is usually never afraid. She is a forgetfull and naive fish that’s for sure, lol but never afraid. In one part of the movie when both Marlin and Dori where together; They had this mask that belonged to the scuba diver that took Nemo when he was out in the drop off. Nemos father was hoping that that mask was the thing that could lead him back to his son. Anyways, they both feel asleep in the mask that was hanging off a part of an old submarine. The mask had fallen down into this deep dark part of the ocean and when marlin started to swim down to get it, he immediatly stopped and swam right back up. He was to worried to go down in the darkness to get that mask, even though that mask was the only thing that could take him to his son. He couldn’t even get himself to a point where he wasn’t so worried or scared,  to go get a mask that would save his son. Thats pretty bad.

If you look at Dori though she was not worried to go get that mask. As soon as Marlin came back up and clinged to that rock, Dori swam right down. She was singing, saying things like ” Man, its dark down here”. She wasn’t letting it scare her. She was a very optomistic and cheerful fish and nothing was gonna stop her.

In that same scene, Dori was talking to Marlin and she was telling him, ” You know what happens when life gets you down? You just keep swimming!” Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming!!” What she is really saying, No matter how hard of scared you get in some point in  your life, you just gotta keep going.I coudl not find that any truer. This is my favorite scene out of the whole movie for this reason.

Dori is the kind of fish we should all strive to be in our lives. We shouldn’t be afraid to do things, we shouldn’t let life get us down. Life can be tough but if we just keep swimming, I assure you it will get better.  We just shouldn’t let our emotions ( That inner reptile) control us. If we do, our life will be like Marlins. Always worried, down, not cheerful, not optomistic.

So who do you want to be? Do you want to be a Dori or a Marlin.

I can tell you, I def do not want to be a marlin because I have been a Marlin the past few years of my life. I was letting my emotions get the best of me and I look back and I realize that It affected everything in my life. I still to this day catch myself being a Marlin and I do not want to be.  I want to be a Dori-optomistic.

So I am training my brain everyday to Find and be that Dori. It is a struggle and can be hard some days but I know that If I do not to this, my life will be HE double hockey sticks.

So I ask you one more time, Who do you want to be??



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