What is it about Love…

What is it about love that makes you feel like your heart could pulse right into two.

That you never know which way to go or what to do?

Loving someone so much but didn’t know how to tell them or what to do?

Afraid to trust them because you didn’t want your heart broke into two?

It is an odd thing that’s for sure!

What makes you attracted to certain people and not others?

Why does it feel like If you didn’t ever have the someone by your side for the rest of your life, you wouldn’t really be living.

Why that everything you do or everywhere you go reminds you of them?

Every night they are in your dreams but you wish it weren’t true.

You wake up and go to bed with thoughts of them drifting by.

You wish you could hold them all through the night.

What is it about love that even after all the pain, makes you want more.

Why is it that the thoughts or feelings can never be driven away?

No matter how many changes you make, the thought of them lingers in the back of your mind.

What is love???? And why does it make you do the craziest things??








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