I have always heard the saying, ” Keep your friends close but your enemies closer,” but I never could understand why they say that.  Its rather difficult to do that. I have never really had “enemies” I guess you could say; I have never really hated anybody. Yes, I don’t get along with other people sometimes because lets just face it; there dumb!!

Anyways, Over the past few years of my life I have had difficulty keeping some friendships together. I am still to this day have some regrets about certain parts of my relationships with those people because I know that in some ways our friendship didn’t keep on because of me. If you don’t know me, I will tell you that before and sometimes to this day, I am a rather selfish person and I hate it. Growing up in a world( generation) where It has always been about us and never other people has really sucked because I never really learned how too put others before me.

It is now getting easier for me too because I realize that in order for me to truely be happy, I have to put other needs before mine. Now, im not saying that I am a saint, I still struggle with being selfish and it is hard!! On a day to day basis I go out into a world where It is focused on the “Me”.

Those friendships that I lost might have happened for other reasons too,I am not sure, but I know that I wish I still had them. Some of those people have taught me great things and would do anything for me. They had been the most unselfish people. I had really gotten along with them pretty well, they had felt like family and were just; to me, down to earth people trying to make a difference in the world.

But because of the way this world operates and the different views people have on life, those type of relationships usually get pitched out the window, like I did with some of mine. Because of me not being able to learn how to put others needs before mine, those relationships struggled and soon they were lost. I know that sounds completely dumb and your probably asking yourself, How hard could it really be? Well for me, It was. Some of those relationships weren’t just friend to friend, some of them involved love too and when you factor in the love part, It sometimes can make it more difficult.

Now there can be some friendships that are just plain old bad for you and am sure that every one on of us has experienced that, but when those kind of friendships/relationships come up, you can usually tell from the beginning wheather they are or not.

Trying to keep your “enemies” closer whether its because they did something to you or you did something to them, Is always hard but I think in the long run those will be the relationships that could maybe last the longest and be the greatest. All the ups and downs that you would have to go through instead of giving up and saying goodbye or quitting, could strengthen those relationships. Therefore causing them to having a better understanding of each other and it being easier to understand their goals/dreams/wants;whatever but having strong relationships is a very good thing.

I  think what I’m really just trying to get out of all of this is that, If you have friends that you really get along with and are special too you, try to keep them. It is rare to find good people and especially people that are willing to put your needs before theirs.  Friendships/relationships can get tough but quitting never helps.





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