Where the Mind Goes, The Man Follows

I have recently started to read this book called ” Power Thoughts” by a lady named Joyce Meyer. I have never read one of her books but I decided to check it out.  I have to say though, I have only gotten about 10 pages into it and I already am loving it.

On the down low, this book is really saying that our minds and the way we think can really steer us.  Our thoughts and emotions play a major role in our every day lives weather we realize it or not.

The way we think really charts the course of our lives and points us in certain directions. Our thoughts cause us to have certain attitudes and perspectives; they affect our relationships; they determine how productive we will be personally and professionally and they most obviously have an overall influence on our lives.

Me honestly; I have been struggling with these kind of things for years. I am a very emotional person.

What I am really trying to do is train myself( my brain) too not respond to some of the things that my emotions ( I call my reptile) want to tell me and It is sooo very hard. It is especially hard to learn how to control your thinking and your emotions when we live in a world where people are controlled by their emotions. Yes, sometimes its not a bad thing. They are good sides to your emotions (reptile) but there are the sides that we would never really like to see.

Anyways, I am really interested to see how this book goes because this is the kind of book that is really down my alley and is the exact thing that I need.

I think this is a book that I everybody in this world should read because everybody really needs it, whether they think they do or not!


One thought on “Where the Mind Goes, The Man Follows

  1. One of the biggest mistakes we make is in thinking that we control what we think or that we control our minds. It is the other way round. Our mind controls us and it takes a lot to bring it in under control. Training the brain is a very important step. We have to train it to not think negatively, to not be scared when we are getting out of our comfort zone or even something simple is muscle memory or food memory.

    Look forward to reading more about this book. It sounds very interesting.

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