And it seems like in the end; its the ones you trusted the most that make the most damage.

Maybe we trust the wrong ones? Maybe you can’t trust anybody besides yourself because you never really know what people have up their sleeves.

Do they have something they are trying to get out of you? Do people really have hidden agendas? Is really only about themselves and never anybody else?

Trust is the hardest thing to give and the easisest thing to break. In some ways it is like a vase or a glass. Once it is broken, it can be easily fixed but it will never be the same. Once trust has been broken by somebody, you never have the same relationship.

Why trust somebody when all they are gonna do is show you that you shouldn’t! I think they only way you could really ever trust somebody, is knowing that you can first trust yourself to make the right decisions about your life and your friendships. Once you have trusted yourself and are confident with what you have done, then can you only make the right decisions to trust the right people.

Is it also then that the ones that to you think you can’t trust end up being the ones you should have trusted all along? Why is that? Have we just been wrong all along or is it that those ones don’t try to earn your trust.

Trust I  believe is one of the hardest things about being a human being. Most of us to begin with don’t know who we are ourselves, so therefore putting trust in the wrong or right people could or couldn’t hurt us. If that makes any sense??? To add to all of that we also have our emotions that play a major role factor in those kind of decisions. Our emotions could be leading us the wrong ways or they couldn’t. This is why i’m talking about we have to know ourselves first in order to trust people.

I think most people when they look for trust or are deciding who to trust; trust people to be who we want them to be instead of us getting to know the person then trust them for who they really are.

Trust is also a bond. When you love somebody it is so very important that you can trust them. If there is no trust then there really is no relationship.

This quote is one of the best quotes I have ever seen and will love forever. Its a little harsh but sometimes I believe its really true.

“There are people I know who won’t hurt me. I call them corpses.”









4 thoughts on “Trust

  1. I have always it very difficult to trust people. And the ones I have trusted have largely managed to break my trust. As a result, I find it very difficult to have faith in this world. I find it very difficult to take things at face value or to believe anything told to me.

    And I love the quote you have posted. Although extremely cynical, it is unfortunately also very true.

    I find it very difficult to also trust myself. I dont know how to trust myself to make the right decisions or the wrong decisions. Especially at this point in life when I am at a crossroads and finding it difficult to find my own way. I am trying very hard to trust myself but finding it difficult.

    Any thoughts or advice? Great post.

  2. Thank you. I could not agree with you more about not having faith in this world. So many people out there are really only in it for themselves and It seems every time you put your trust in somebody, they turn around and pretty much just slap you in the face. I

    I also agree with you that It is difficult to trust ourselves. I know that there are days for me when I look back and say ” Why did I make that decision or what was I thinking trusting that person!” My emotions in the past and still sometimes too this day, put a tamper on my decisions.

    I am also at a point in my life where I am struggling to find my own path.

    But I really do agree with you that it is very difficult to have faith in this world/people and allowing myself to know that I can make the right decisions.

  3. It is amazing how much we let the past affect our present. And that is specially true when it comes to trust and love. It is so difficult to trust someone enough to fall in love with them if you have had your heart broken into tiny little pieces and then trampled upon and crushed into fine pieces of dust.

    Let’s hope things work out for us. I think I am finally beginning to find my path or at least I seem to be in the process of creating one. It is scary but I think it needs to be done. So I am trying very hard to trust myself and go with my gut instinct. If I fall flat on my face, then I’m going to be in big trouble. Gulp!

    Goof luck. Hug.

    • Amen to that. I have let the past affect my present to many times and I realize how much it has hurt me. And yes, trust and love is one of the biggest ones. Its like your speaking my mind. I sometimes was worried to fall in love because of those exact reasons. Trusting the wrong people and then having my heart broken and trampled on so many times. You are afraid to let someone in and have your heart broken again.

      But yes, I do hope things work out for us too. That is great though that you are beginning to find your path 🙂 We will slowly get there. Everything is scary at first but in the end I believe it will all be worth it; hopefully!

      Hugs back

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