Forgetting-The Hard to Do

The hardest thing is letting go of something you never should have had.

Forgetting all the things you shouldn’t have done;

But never once having a regret.

Even through all the hurt and trouble it stemmed.

That is ultimate selfishness.

All the memories that seem to came back and haunt when unexpected!

All along It was a simple act of just wanting to fit in, to be somebody.

Little to the unknown it became more.

Time over time things got greater and the love was unbound.

There was a path that was beginning to be carved and there were things being done.

Memories being made.

Moments that will never be forgotten.

Things that were said or things that were done.

Little bits of pieces mixed in with tears.

There were times when life was just great and never once was there a longing for it to end.

A wanting for life like this.

Never once will it ever be forgotten.

But we have gotten to the end of this road and this wanting of that life;

A time has come, when the realization that the wanting, was selfishness.

Its letting go of the things that we never should have had, the things that were done,

or forgetting the memories that were made; that will always be the hardest.

Its the part that life must go on and we must push through.






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