That Little Girl

I remember those days of being a little girl.

Everything was so easy.

No worries or regrets.

Running through the sprinklers.

Thinking boys had coodies.

Playing with my barbies and horses, the wold just seemed to be at a stop.

I now seem to always  feel caught in the middle, trying to find my way through a maze.

I remember being 8 or 9 saying I was ready to grow up and move out; be on my own.

Everybody always made it look so easy. Little did I know, I was oh so very wrong.

I some day’s look back at those days of innocence and freedom. Wishing I could go back.

I wanted to be that Little Girl again. I didn’t want to have to worry about life or being a grown up.

That little girl had everything so easy. It was all so right and fun.

I know that we never stay young and we have to eventually learn to grow up and become independent,

But some days I am just not ready for that.

I know that little girls life has come and gone.

And its time for a new one.

I know I can still be that little girl on the inside.  Finding the joys in everything I do and everywhere I go,

But the time has now come to be that grow girl(women) and create a life of my own.

I know it will not always be easy and there will be struggles,

But I know If i do it right, I will look back when im 90 and wish I could go back to the years now.

It will all be so great. I can be that little girl again. Happy and content.







2 thoughts on “That Little Girl

  1. I recently wrote a piece of my own similar to this. Though I found it easier to write it in the third person. I admire you for having the courage to write this in the first person.

    I want to be that little girl too! 😦

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