A Moment

For a moment her world stood still. All her worries and fears disappered.

She saw her troubles pass bye like the clouds in the sky. Slowing drifting out of sight and out of mind.

All she could her were the sounds of the birds singing their praises.

The sun on her shoulders created a feeling of a warm embrace.

The breeze; a ride that would carry her far away, to a world unknown.

She never felt this way, a feeling she couldnt describe. Was it just that it was all so simple?

A moment of content. A moment she realized that its in the simple things we can get enjoyment.That we need to just stop chasing happiness and it will finds us.

The first time she actually took a real breath.

Why hadn’t she felt like this before? Why not feel like this all the time?

She closes her eyes again, taking it all in.

She hears the birds and this time the crickets.

She starts to feel a smile across her face and soon she finds herself swaying. She can hear music in all the things around her.

Its as if she stuck in  a trans. That moment has come again. Her world is standing still.

She breaths one more deep breath and lets it all go.

She is free,

She is free!!







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