Why is it thateverybody is always scared?

Why do we always worry? Stress out? There really is no need for that. I know that a lot of times and especially lately it seems life is getting harder and harder. It makes me stop and realize that we should enjoy these moments now when we have them. When we have all the things that we have. Friends, family, a home, food…whatever it is. We are always wanting more and more and never giving back enough. We are becomign selfish.

Today I got some, to probably many people these days bad news but to me and my family there might actually be a positive side to it. We can start a new life. It might even solve some of our problems! I wish I could tell you exactly what it is that happen but honestly that would take me about two days to write all out. But lets just say, that I do believe that what has happened has happened for a reason. We can sit around and get all depressed because we are losing somethign so very special to use. Something that we have had the greatest memories and not so great memories at but life takes us places and sometimes we don’t know where and we don’t know why. Sometimes we just have to stop questioning everything and just go with it. Make the best of everything!!

Fear is an emotion. We can’t always fear everything that happens to us in life. Yes, sometimes we just can’t help it and maybe thats okay but I think we need to sometimes step back and take a breath and realize is all the worry, stress worth it?

Sometimes we have to trust ourselves and others to know that we can do something. I think being able to trust people takes alot of fear and worries out of everything. When there is no trust, I think we worry/fear for our lives. What will happen if we lose this certain person or thing?

I guess what Im really just trying to get at here is, don’t be scared/fear. I prevents you from doing things in your life and always have faith/trust that everything happens for a reason. We may not always like the things that happen but they usually work out for the better!!!


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