Flowing thoughts

You are there, I am here!
Can anybody tell me whats wrong with that picture?
I have left all that I love and want behind,
I never knew that it would be this hard.
I thought that maybe If I left and got to sort through some things, that maybe I could pull through.
It seems as if It has gone the other way though.

I wake up and go to bed every day wishing i was there.
I want to wake up to the feeling I had before,
Waking up to the feeling that I belong.
That I am wanted and loved.

My horses and the music.
Crazy kids and crazy games.

I miss our soccer games in the backyard. The laughs, the smiles. We shouted and jumped. Nothing was in the way of our fun!!
I miss the water fights. We always kicked daniels butt. hehe 🙂

Our afternoon quad rides, basketball games, wood collecting. It never ended.

I know it always wasn’t smiles and laughs,
There were times of tears and sadness;
But It was the happiest I had ever been!

I sit here, trying to keep all those good times to get my through now.
I can’t wait for the day It all comes back to me.

I want my family, I want my friends.
I want to be able to be me again.
With no one telling me what I can or cannot do.
No trying to tell me what is right or wrong for me!


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