I sometimes wonder If certain things we do in life are gonna end up being worth it in the long run?

Day in and day out people in this world are trying to fill there time with things that don’t even matter. Like going shopping,  geting there nails done; things like that. That is also I think another way people try to fill voids in their life. They are looking for things on the outside that will make them feel better on the inside.

I think that its not also out appearance that we focus on to make us feel better but also certain relationships we look too. I am sure everyone of us has had a relationship in some point of their lives who wasn’t exactly sure why they were in it in the first place. Why they fell in love or why they were friends? Don’t get my wrong, we all need friends and love is an amazing thing but sometimes I think we have certain relati0nships because we are trying to fill a void in our lives or we have such low self-esteem that we would do anything to have any relationship.

Whats really bad is sometimes we know certain people or things aren’t good for us, yet we continue to do it. Its like a drug; an addiction!

I don’t know about anybody else but that’s how I sometimes feel about certain things in my life. I struggle sometimes deciding if some things I do are gonna be good and worth it in the long run. Is it gonna affect me? That goes for relationships and just things like certain jobs or ideas or dreams. Anything!

We all think that we know whats best for us and  yes, of course we do; we should know better than anybody else. I mean, it is our lifes but sometimes we do things and we really start to question them. Most times I know that since I struggle with getting  my emotions( the reptile) under control, that I make those things worse. By lashing out and doing things out of anger or sadness. When those two things combine it usually does not get pretty. Everything starts to get more difficult and you wish you never did those things in the first place.

When it comes to the relationship part of it, we really do love these people or we have truely convinced ourselves that we do, that we don’t want to let go. We are afraid that if we lose someone or people that our lifes will never be the same. I actually think that sometimes that really is true. We have certain people in our lives, like family, that if we lost them it would just totally destroy us. Life would never be the same without them but I think that there are also other people that we don’t really need but we have convinced ourselves that we do.

And sometimes its hard to distinguish those two groups especially when we have a lot of emotions wrapped up in them.

So we really just need to ask ourselves why we do these certain things we do and will they be worth it in the long run? Most importantly is it good for us? Its those questions though that sometimes we don’t want to find the answers for because we are afraid it will bring an outcome we will not like!






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