Is it?

I want somebody that will just stand by me!

Not try to control me or make me change.

Someone who will be part of my life

and help me to make myself better.

I want people who will have a goal in life.

and not just live because they are here!

People who will always be there for you and not just when they need something.

People who don’t tell me what to do with my own life,

Is it possible that everybody in this world is just selfish?

Its all want and no give and we wonder why this world is messed up.

You can’t have a different opinion without somebody telling you thats not right!

What do they know? and why do they care?

I want people who I can actually understand

and aren’t two faced!

Maybe Im asking to much and I need to go out and create a world of my own,

Where nobody can touch me, hurt me or try to run me!

Wouldn’t that be nice! Oh boy…wouldn’t that be nice!!







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