just a string of thoughts…

Life has definitely been an adventure the past few days.  They have been good days, happy ones but also somewhat sad. I haven’t been talking to a lot of my friends recently and I feel like I’m losing them. Its like, one door is closing but another isn’t opening.Why? Do these things happen for a reason. Im sure they must.  I cant wrap my brain around it. They have been a part of my life for years.

Today, I actually got baptizied. I re-dedicated my life to christ and I feel like in some ways, he has done that. Is he waiting to open another door for me thats better? I hope so because right now I feel as if there are no doors. Well, okay, feelings are emotions and sometimes they aren’t true but what can I do!!!

I know life isn’t supposed to be easy, I don’t think i would like it if it wasn’t but man, sometimes the things that happen to us we just can’t understand.

Anyways, even though life is very crazy right now, I sure am enjoying it. Yesterday I got to go to a BBQ and hang out with a bunch of people. Food, fun and games. Today, was my baptisem then we had another cook out, this time just family. I had finally went to see the New Pirates of the Caribbean; hilarious movie. I love every one of them!! I am a Pirates fan for sure.

I sometimes wonder if all these roller coaster rides of love and emotions are just worth some of the friendships I have. Its crazy!!

Also why is it that it seems like so many people come in and out of our lives. If they are meant to be there, why don’t they just stay. If they are not, why don’t they just leave? I guess that is up for me to decide though! I just hate to be the one to do it, even though it is my life ( funny how i think that way!)

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