Live&let go

So lately I have been having some very off days. The weather has been gloomy for the past weeks(blah) and it was really getting too me!

Throught out those past few days though I have really thought about much. Im not quite sure what hurts the most right now. The short temporary pain as I am going throught this process of finding my color and dealing with these emotions or the fact that, If and during this process that I find its better for me to stay here. That is what really hits the heart!!

They say that letting go is what really makes you stronger but I think for some people and some situations, that might not be the case. I have also heard that hanging on through the hard times is what makes you strong. So sometimes, its like a win-win situation. Your not really sure If you want to keep holding on or let go?

Some days I really just want to give up and let go but, I think that if you learn to quit and give up on everything, eventually thats all you will do. Now, thats kind of might not seem like the same thing but I think it is.  When I hold on and push through though, thats when I really feel good about myself and I realize that If you can get through the hardest things, you can do anything.

So I think that its really better that we sometimes deal with the short, temporary pain ( hopefully thas all it really is and doesn’t last forever) because you never really know what might come out of it. Now, depending on the situation, sometimes it might be bad that we deal with the short temporary pain and it might be better for us to just let go and move on.

Sometimes, Its really just hard to know what to do though!


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