The good, the bad and the ugly.

I never thought that much about what true beauty really means.We have an inner beauty and an outer beauty. Inner beauty; truthfully, I feel is what really matters in life. Its the key feature in being a human. Your inner beauty, or soul you could say, shows itself in many ways.

Inner beauty is many different things love,compassion, hope,etc…

I think a lot of people are attracted to outer beauty and don’t really care for the inner beauty but what they don’t realize is that its the inner beauty that really brings fullfillment or happiness to our lives. Yes, you can appreciate the outer beauty, for example take the stars; they look beautiful from the outside but once you really get to learn what they are, its just nothing but ugly.

A very beautiful person could be filled with hatred or they could be filled with love. But we don’t really know unless we look on the inside (inner beauty.) We often just people, even things, by the outside; how they look. Like they say ” Never judge a book by its cover!”

I think in order for your soul to be truely filled with happiness and prevent it from starving ( being depressed/unhappy), you need to find those things and use that inner beauty; compassion, love; to fill up the soul. The inner beauty is what really creates the outer beauty. If your happy on the intside, you will be truely beautiful on the outside. Inner beauty is far more important and I really don’t think people realize it!!

I know my own feelings of my heart and what brings that happiness/fullfillment but its just the struggle to do those things. I don’t want to go through my life wishing I had done things over again or done them differently. Your inner beauty(soul) can definitely grow, its just up to us to do that!! To find that inner beauty in everything we do in our lives and to find those things that fill our soul. I don’t think anybody wants to be unhappy, I know I really do not.


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