Thoughts of Love

Love. What is love to you? Is it just sex? Is it getting to share the same passions and desires? I believe love is many things.

Love is accepting and embracing that person with all the faults and positives. Love is putting others needs before yours. Love is sharing the same passions,dreams,desires. Love is just a wonderful thing. Yes, love has the ups and downs just as everything in life does but If you truely love someone, you would do anything to keep them in your life.

I had recently found this on the internet. I was just browsing around on some of my favorite websites and this came along. I found this to be all amazingly true!! Its called ” The 10 Secrets of Love.”

1. The Power of Thought

Love begins with a thought. We are what we think. Change your thoughts – and you will change your emotions – this is very simple. If you have bad thoughts – you feel anger, mistrust of beloved, jealousy, if you are happy – happiness, if joy – joyful … and if your thoughts are full of love – you feel love. Thoughts full of love create a life full of love and relationships full of love. Therefore, if you want love – create it. The only reliable way to know who is your ideal even before meeting with him – to think about those qualities you need in a man.

2. The Power of Respect

In order to love someone or something, you must first respect it. And, above all, you need to respect yourself, and if you do not like and respect yourself, it is very difficult to love and respect others. We need to learn accepting ourselves, appreciate ourselves, regardless of what other people think or say about us. You just need to learn to ensure that everyone has a place on Earth. Each of us is unique and priceless – regardless of skin color, religion or ideological views. Everyone living on this Earth is respected only for this.

 3. The strength of donation

If you want to get love – grant it. The more you grant – the more you get. Love is like a boomerang – it always returns back. Maybe not always from the person whom you gave it, but it will still come back to you. And will return a hundredfold. The stock of Love is not limited. When we give – we do not lose. To lose love inside of us means not giving it to others. If you want to experience true love, you must be willing to give love without reservation, without requiring anything in return. A gift is not a gift, if not given for free. This unconditional love is not asking anything in return.

4. The Power of Friendship

If you want to find true love – find firstly a true friend. A partner must share your views, values and goals. To truly love someone, you should love him for who he is, and not for the way he looks. Friendship is soil, which seeds of love grow in. If you want to bring love in the relationship – at first insert friendship.

5. The Power of Touch

Love is the most powerful healing force in entire universe. Touch has an incredible energy, creating miracles. Touch – one of the most powerful expressions of love, breaking barriers and strengthening relationship. It changes physical and emotional condition, and makes people more receptive to love. Touch can help heal body and warm soul. When you open arms – you open your heart.

6. The strength of the principle of «Give Freedom»

There is a Chinese proverb: «If you love someone – let him go free. If he comes back to you – it is yours, and if not – it will never be your». If you love someone – respect his needs and desires. If you can not let go someone you love – this is not love. We are writing pages of life by ourselves. It is impossible to cause love, we need to let people we love go. If you love someone – you need to enable him being free.

Free to make decisions, free to live as he wants, but not as we wish. It is not always easy to let go people you love, but there is no other way. There is no need to let go when relationships are over – you need to let go when relationships still exist. Each of us needs his own space, and people need it even in a truly romantic relationships.. People need to be free in relationship, because otherwise they feel trapped.

 7. The Power of Communication

When we learn to communicate openly and honestly – life is changing. Learn to express your feelings. Failure to communicate with each other – the most common disease that afflicts humans. Never be afraid to say those 3 magical words «I love you». If you deal – do it honestly and openly. Love means sharing and communication. Let people know you love and appreciate them. Do not ever miss an opportunity to praise someone. Define, finally, a question: If you were to die soon and be able to call those people you love – whom would you call, what would you say and Why not to do it right now?

8. The Power of Devotion

If you are not devoted to a person – in fact you do not love him. To have true love relationship, you need to be brought to that relationship. Devotion distinguishes fragile relationship from strong. Love is devotion. Fear of commitment – fear. Fear – the biggest obstacle to Love. Fear of failure, fear of ridicule, fear of loss. Want Love – sought to overcome your fears and concerns, and be willing to devote yourself to everything dear to you. Any relationship has its ups and downs, good and bad times.

9. The Power of Passion

For truly romantic relationships we require passion. Purely sexual passion is brief and may not be the basis of long-lasting relationship. Passion is not limited to sex. This is a deep interest and enthusiasm. Passion – is that magic spark that ignites and nourishes love;

If you lose that spark, the relationship is slowly dying. Physical passion is short, a much stronger passion comes from thoughts and feelings. Spontaneity and surprises ignite passion. When we lose passion for something, we lose feeling of love. The essence of love and passion is one – you should live each day with passion.

10. The Power of Trust

Confidence is vital to relationship between two people. Trust not just another one, trust relationship itself. Without trust, one person becomes suspicious, troubling, full of fear, the other feels trapped. Therefore, it is impossible to truly love someone, if he does not trust. Future should not necessarily be the same as past. And whatever it is, whatever your experience is, each of us has an ability to change.
WE CREATE LOVE BY OURSELVES – this is not the result of fate or luck. Each of us has an ability to love and be loved. No matter how you live now – in solitude, or caught in a trap of unhappy, exhausting relationship – life can change, and YOU CAN CHANGE IT.

And remember: the only person who can change your life – it is you yourself. None other.


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