All Things grow better with love

So I think that I have found another thing in my life that I could enjoy and turn into a passion.  Gardening and planting. Being able to plant kind of gives me a whole new perspective on the earth. It is definitely a beautiful thing!! I of course have always seen the earth and the things on it as beautiful, but being able to see how it all works and getting down and dirty (lol) just makes me wish I had realized this on earlier in my life. I wish that so many people didn’t treat it like its just a piece of dirt (well it is but i think you get what I mean!)

Every day im exploring the rainbow and getting closer to my color!

p.s- recently this very cute dog has been coming around. She is super skinny and has an injured leg, no collar.  So I’m gonna hope she hangs in till I can get a hold on the human society or something. I don’t think this dog has been very well takin care of. Everything deserves a second change so I am hoping that she will. 🙂 As I said in my title; everything grows better with love!


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