Colors of Life

A Color? Now what could I possibly mean by that? Well it could mean many things and could be seen differently by many people.

What does color mean to you? Peace, Happiness, Joys, Passions. A place in life?

To me finding your color is like finding your place in life?

Colors have many different shades and depths. For example, take blue. There is a baby blue and there is Persian Blue. Both blue but different shades and depths.

To me, my  life has many different shades and depths too it and i believe my point here on earth is to find that color that is mine. The color that brings you a happiness, security,etc..

As I have mentioned many times before, colors have shades and depths and I believe that those “shades” and “depths” of life cause you to loose focus on finding that color. Its just like your comparing it to say; a roller coaster!  It has ups and downs, twists and turns and so does your life. But its all about finding that certain roller coaster that truely brings you the happiness.

I believe in order for you to truely find the color ( your place in life, that happiness). You first have to through the RAINbow. Its going through that rainbow and finding our color that we have the hardest time with.

Now I might or might not have led you too believe that I have found my color (I sometimes certainly wish I have) but I am still going through all those depths and shades; the RAINbow, to find my color. I do believe with all my heart and soul though that when I get to the end of my journey of finding that color, I will be truely happy because I know that I have found the one that is right for me. The color of my life!

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