So it’s been another day.

A day where I am unsure where I belong.

Am I supposed to be here? This place they call home? But I call….?

A place where I feel uncertain. Not sure who I am.

I let each and every day pass hoping for a sign.

Any sign at all!!!

Sometimes I wish that It would all just work out.

But I realize that It’s up to me to change.

Change this life. Not just for me but for others.

Others who don’t have the will to do so.

But how Can I live a life i’m meant to have when this life just gives me trouble day in and day out.

I see my dreams and where I want to be but sometimes I think those dreams are just illusions?

Do I want what isn’t possible?

Or is this a test of patience by god?

Many days I feel like a Marionette.

Controlled by strings and restrains.

But those strings hold me down, instead of holding me up.

Sometimes I wish someone could just come along and cut me free.

But I realize once again, that’s up to me.

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